Rohde TE-MCC+ TopLoad Kilns




Rohde Toploaders TE-MCC+ series

The solid ROHDE Toploaders from the MCC+ series can be used for a variety of applications ranging
from glass processing at 800°C to manufacture of stoneware at 1320°C. Toploaders from this series are particularly suitable for use in public institutions such as schools and kindergartens, as well as for both artists and hobbyists. The wide temperature range allows maximum exibility when it comes to artistic craftsmanship in the field of ceramics and glass.Special features of the TE-MCC+ seriesModels TE 75, TE 100, TE 130 and TE 200 MCC+ can be fitted easily with a heatable lid required for glass processing. The heating elements are mounted on support rods that prevent particles falling from the kiln lid onto the ware.The kiln volume of four models from the ROHDE Toploader TE series can be increased by 50% by simply fitting in a heatable additional extension ring (ZWR):TE 75 MCC to 110 litres volume TE 100 MCC to 150 litres volume TE 130 MCC to 190 litres volume TE 200 MCC to 300 litres volume.2-layer wall structure.TE-MCC+ series ROHDE lid heating, heating elements mounted on high-quality ceramic support rods

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TE 75MCC, TE 100MCC, TE 110MCC, TE130MCC, TE150MCC, TE190MCC, TE200MCC, TE 300MCC