Welcome everyone to our October blog for 2019. As I sit here typing this we have just experienced the first warm days of spring which I know everyone here in Adelaide welcomed with open arms after a very cold and long Winter.

So news for this month includes…Our next shipment of Rohde kilns are on the water as we go to print. Kilns, slab rollers and pottery wheels which are currently all sold with the exception of a few pottery wheels. If you are interested in these please contact Paul on 0439 033002 and he will be happy to help you to secure one of these fantastic products.
We have decided to extend last month’s specials for October… these products will return to our normal prices at the beginning of November so please have a look at these as they are selling fast.
These comprise of Porcelain Coffee Set (JPN 384) $59.99, Porcelain Tea Set (JPN 565) $59.99, Porcelain Cup Set (JPN 625) $16.99 and Porcelain Jug and Bowl Set (JPN 215) $65.99
Please check out September’s blog page for photos of these items.
In other news we have just received a shipment of new products which we are very excited about and will be putting on the website over the next few days.

One of the items that we feel is a ‘must have’ item is the Black brush and tool caddy which is already on the website priced at $22.99 AUD. We think it is perfect for travelling and seminars as it converts into a brush ‘stand’ for use whilst attending a seminar but also zips closed to fit into your suitcase for travel. Another feature of this product is that the spaces for the bushes are not too big so the brushes do not ‘slip out’ of the pocket – and – it also has a second row of elastic above this to secure your brushes in place.
This product can be found in the Accessories section of ’Shop’ on the ‘Interdec’ website.
Please check out our website over the next few days, all our images are changing, we are ‘in stock’ of all the items posted and we are updating at the moment as we give the ‘Interdec’ website a fresh new look. 
Best wishes to all and we will be back again in November 
Debbi, Alex and Paul Good