Rohde KE-B Front Load Kiln 1280c




Rohde KE-B Series Front Load Kilns

Kiln models from the KE-B series have been developed from the successful and proven KE-L series.

The KE-B series comprises Frontloaders with 3-side heating and a kiln volume of 35 to 210 litres. You can choose between the compact tabletop models KE 35 B and KE 65 B as well as four floor models KE 105 B to KE 210 B.

Frontloaders from the KE-B series are particularly suitable for use in public institutions, such as schools, kindergartens and therapy centres. These electrically operated kilns offer best possible performance and a variety of options for hobby and decorative applications or casting techniques. The advantages of a frontloader can be effectively used, ensuring a balanced price-to-performance ratio.

The unique technical features of ROHDE Frontloaders have been incorporated into the KE-B series. The entire in-frame ventilated steel construction prevents corrosion and at the same time reduces external temperatures. The proven ceiling construction “System ROHDE” has also been incorporated into the KE-B series.

Heat is radiated from heating elements recessed into developed grooved bricks in the two side walls and the floor. Solid calculation of heating elements with sufficient power reserve results in an efficient, even distribution of heat throughout the firing chamber to obtain the best possible results.

ROHDE Frontloaders from the KE-B series can be extended with different accessories such as an air supply slide, a loading frame or an exhaust air hood.

  • 3-side heating resulting in even heat distribution
  • Heating elements recessed in protected position into new grooved bricks
  • In-frame ventilation for low external temperatures and corrosion protection
  • Enhanced 3-layer insulation structure of tabletop models KE 35 B and KE 65 B
  • Enhanced 2-layer insulation structure of floor models from KE 105 B upwards
  • R-SiC ceiling support “System ROHDE” prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware
  • Optional kiln stand for tabletop models, floor models mounted on stable and fixed base

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KE35B, KE65B, KE105B, KE130B, KE170B, KE210B